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We provide all of our patients with the highest level of care

  • Podiatric Medicine
  • Foot and Ankle Surgery
  • Sports Medicine
  • Diabetic Foot Care
  • Pediatrics


Cutting-edge Technology

  • Cutera/GenesisPlus Laser
  • Amniogenic Therapy


Adjunctive Treatment

  • Physical Therapy
  • Infrared Light Therapy
  • Ion Cleanse
  • Acupuncture


The Cutera Laser is FDA approved for many indications of the toes and feet including:


Onychmycosis (nail fungus)

GenesisPlus is a quick and confortable way to clear the nail of fungus without drug therapy. Clear nail growth can be observed following 1 or 2 fifteen minute laser applications.

 Scar Reduction

GenesisPlus is used to accelerate scar remodeling, improve erythema and enhance cosmesis. This laser also softens and relaxes the tension in scars, improving mobility.


GenesisPlus provides the power needed for effective eradication of warts. Studies with this laser demonstrate a higher clearance rate than other common therapies.








Office: (310) 652-1163 Fax: (310) 652-2713 

Hours: 9am-6pm M-F

8797 Beverly Blvd. Suite #350
West Hollywood, CA 90048

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